Sight vs Insight

It’s back to school time! Harvest is starting! The hustle and bustle has begun.

Psalm 24:1 The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord.

This scripture may seem very elementary. But, we are at a beginning point for this season. We all know that God created the world. God made people. And He owns it all. But just for a moment read slowly. edgeThink through each question. Make it personal. Give the Holy Spirit a chance to speak you your hear.

Recently I have had a season of unrest. I was frustrated by fear. I also began having a problem with my eyes. My sight is not as good as it use to be. But he the interesting thing is that my “insight” had been diminishing as well. I had become so very fearful that I was not able to trust the people around me, or the promises given to us by God Himself.

What areas of life do you lack peace?

Do you truly believe and trust all the promises of Gods provision? His presents?

What if I truly believed the words spoken at a baby dedication. Remember we declare that our children are a gift! Would my goals and prayers change? What if?

What if I truly believed by husband was a gift! Would my behavior and words to him and about him change? What if?

What if I truly believed the past events of my life held lessons with a gift inside somewhere? Would I look at each event differently? What it?

What if I truly believed my dreams and talents have been given to me by God for God? Yes, a gift! How would the way I use my time change? What If?

To move past my “insight” problem, I had some friends walk with me through some places of my life that had no peace. My frustration, fear and honestly my unbelief was growing. They were able to show me just how to truly believe and trust the promises, and provision of our God. And to trust the people He had played in my life. My “insight” was restored!

The Heart of the Father, The Word of God and the presence of Holy Spirit all drip with His loving kindness and are meant for every part of our lives!

What if?

What if we held things lightly? Even letting them go. Knowing it all belongs to Gods anyway.

What if we were more thankful? Knowing each gift is straight from heaven.

What if we forgave even more? Knowing that forgiveness frees us, and opens up opportunities.

What if we stepped back and Looked to See what the Lord wants us to See, the way He wants us to See it?
Knowing He has all the treasures of heaven at hand, even the ones with our name on it.

What if I really truly believed and trusted the Promises and Provisions of God? — I would find The Prince of Peace!

Happy Blessings! Karen